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Public art piece

"Vergunningvolle Zone" (Permit-Full Zone) was realized as a part of "Call of the Mall" exhibition in Hoog Catharijne Shopping Mall, Utrecht, The Netherlands, June to September 2013. "Vergunningvolle Zone" is a special area, where less regulations exist than in public space or inside the mall normally. In the zone, anyone is allowed to spontaneously engage in activities that normally require a permit, such as: selling things, holding public gatherings, playing music, performing, hosting parties, festivals, and events, teaching, making or showing films, taking photographs, spreading information, collecting signatures, conducting surveys, handing out printed materials or performing religious ceremonies. Also temporary constructions, animals, bikes, skateboards, rollerblades and electronic vehicles are allowed in the zone. Electricity was provided at the space, but otherwise there was no organization or scheduling of the events. If conflicting activities occurred at the same time, it was up to the people themselves to find a way to share the space. Due to the spontaneous nature of the events, most of what was going on in the zone was not documented.

Examples of activities that took place in the "Vergunningvolle Zone"

Pop up gallery
Casco symposium
Pharmacists spreading information about medication
Dance performance (extending to the shops which is officially not allowed)
GI Joe promotion (just outside the zone, not officially allowed)
Several street musicians
Smoking (not officially allowed)
Dance workshops
Help desk in writing official letters & legal advice
Face painting to raise money for Uganda
Family picnic
Running colors marathon number distribution party
Poetry writing on stamps
Workshop for making fake coca cola
Christian gathering in a little house
Cardboard market
Reading club
Religious gatherings
Catwalk show: how to dress for success
Irish dancing
Selling handicraft and home made jams
Belly dancing
Selling Turkish handmade boots
Henna tattoo making
Music festival
Norwegian language teacher giving lessons
Living room installation to raise awareness about lack of student housing
Furniture painting for kids
Blister plaster catwalk
Writing short stories workshop
Marching band
Computer gamers gathering for gamers to be sociable instead of playing alone at home
Experimental performance in contrast to consumer culture: bringing a sleeping homeless person to the space and filming people’s reactions
Mall of sound festival
Theater group performing

Coordinator: Siri Baggerman
Curator: Huib Haye van der Werf
Production: Linde Dorenbosch
Commissioned by Stichting Kunst in het Stationsgebied / City of Utrecht